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Marco happily accepted a package of food from a fan  :)))

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The sky is so beautiful in the morning ❤️😍 #morning

The sky is so beautiful in the morning ❤️😍 #morning

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marco’s reaction to his missed chances :

Marco had a hand in half of BVB’s 16 shots on goal in the first half. Despite being out injured for a long time, he already picked up his third assist of the season when he set up the first goal

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I’m so chill lately. I barely get myself into arguments. This is amazing.

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Just go to Holland or Denmark and find a hot blonde guy BTW what eye colour do u prefer?

I know, I have it on my places to visit list. When I save money again I will go there for sure.

Idk, you know, every eyes tells you a story, the colour doesn’t really matter but is what story those eyes tell you, you know. But I really like blue, it’s very pretty and it looks amazing.

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The classiest gentleman in the fashion industry has passed away. Oscar de la Renta has died at age 82. Although fashion has lost one of its greatest, the world will always remember the amazing legacy the Dominican-born designer has left us: enhancing the woman’s silhouette with simple, yet very elegant designs, attention to the last minimum detail, and breath-taking designs that will forever remain as runway eye candy.

"Fashion is about dressing according to what’s fashionable. Style is more about being yourself"

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You don't have to see it as a romantic date, just like hanging out so your friend won't feel alone but omg that is so rude lol you could've taken your man and done a double date that way instead of telling him to take a hot friend lol love you boo :D

My best friend always feel she is doing me a favour.

She has the need to look for guys for me, just I have for her. We make sure we never end up alone. She was trying to be nice, I didn’t let her know I was being serious and I wanted to be exclusive to one guy so she thought it would be fun like always.

I will obviously go, I mean my best friend happiness is my happiness.

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Love More (feat. Nicki Minaj)
Chris Brown — Love More - Single
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Ugh my best friend wants to put me in trouble -.- she meet this guy so they are going out so she doesn’t want to go out alone with him in case she fucks up so she basically asked the guy if he can bring a friend of his and I was expecting it would be the typical fetus guy friend you bring along when you have a double date, but no she insisted he should be the good looking friend to come a long because she said it was for her best friend so she didn’t want to let me down???. Pamela wtf are you doing, stap messing with my head, in already with someone I can’t play with fire. I don’t even know what to do, I can’t let her down but I don’t want to be going on dates with guys when I have a guy if my own, ya feel me???

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Today started perfectly but after the morning pass it all went downhill and in just drained and worried and I hate life.

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Happy Birthday Kimberly Kardashian West 

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